Monday, 6 May 2013

Concern over mess left at former GA Call Centre site

Further to the recent occupation of the former GA Call Centre site, I am extremely concerned at the mess left at the site.   See some photos below:

A constituent contacted me over the weekend concerned at the mess left behind.   The constituent who regularly walks his dog around the grass areas in the Technology Park said:

“There’s piles of brickwork, and what looks like the excavation of driveways or the spoil of some serious tunnel digging elsewhere but dumped here.    Also bikes, scooters, nappies, and even a small shed or dog kennel.  Unbelievable!”

I visited the site yesterday and have contacted the City Council to ensure the site is cleaned up.

It is totally unacceptable for a site to be left in this terrible mess – there’s a huge volume of rubbish been left.   In this case the site owners will have to meet the cost of the clean up, but on previous occasions on publicly owned land, the council – and therefore the council tax payer – has been saddled with the clean up cost.   Constituents are rightly furious at the mess and the cost of having it cleaned up.

I was advised last week by the council’s Head of Democratic and Legal Services that he and the City Council Chief Executive will be meeting with Police Scotland about the issue in the near future.