Tuesday, 14 May 2013

West End Community Council meeting

Earlier this evening, I attended the latest West End Community Council meeting at which the guest speaker was Miguel Gomez Goni who, as a Spanish citizen living in Dundee, spoke about his experiences of living in our city.

During the community council meeting, I updated the audience about recent planning matters including the granting of planning approval for the Harris Academy project and the debate over the Parkview school site at the council's Development Management Committee last night.

In the police update, PC Forrester mentioned the recent spate of graffiti, an issue I raised at Policy and Resources Committee last night.    I was given assurances that all efforts are being made to tackle this.   I have reported the most recent complaint - near the Roseangle Car Park - (see right) - to the council's Rapid Response Team to have the graffiti cleaned off.