Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Update regarding the leaks in the wall in Pentland Avenue

Further to my article last month about the water leaks in Pentland Avenue along the wall that runs alongside the pavement towards the Balgay Road end, I asked the City Council for an update on the findings from the monitoring exercise the council agreed to at my request.  

The Team Leader (Infrastructure) in the City Development Department has advised that :

"We carried out dye testing of the drain in the footway to Pentland Avenue on Monday 15th April.
This was witnessed by a Pentland Avenue resident.
The dye did not appear in the seepage from the embankment even after a considerable time period.
The dye did pass from one manhole to the next and all manholes were clear.
We lifted the lid of the buchan trap you have photographed*. At the time it was full to the lid of earth. The earth was removed and we discovered that the trap has been sealed over below the level of earth.
I have requested that Scottish Water test the seepage water to determine whether or not it is mains water.
I will advise you when I have the results of the testing.
You will have noticed that the volume of seepage is considerably less leading me to believe my original assessment that this is ground water may prove to be correct."

*see right.