Thursday, 31 May 2012

Seymour Street and Shaftesbury Road - an update

Earlier this month, I mentioned that I had raised with Dundee City Council the poor state of repair of parts of Seymour Street's roadway (see right) and the west end of Shaftesbury Road.

The City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership has now updated me as follows:

"With reference to your email below, the Road Maintenance Partnership inspector has raised an order for the repair of the potholes in Seymour Street and Shaftesbury Road with a timescale for repair of twenty eight days or sooner. He has also raised an order to re-bed the setts in the channel and this will be done as soon as resources are available and earlier priorities have been dealt with."

(The sunken setts in the channel that are to be re-bedded are in Shaftesbury Road).