Sunday, 27 May 2012

Councillor salaries and expenses - 2011/12

Yesterday's Courier highlighted the salaries and allowances claimed by Dundee City Councillors in 2011/12.

Of the councillors who served in the 2007-12 term and who did not retire or failed to be re-elected, my claim was the lowest across the City Council*  - because I refused the councillor salary increase in 2009 and have maintained this stance every year thereafter.  Additionally, I never claim expenses - and have not done so throughout my 11 years on the City Council.

I will continue throughout the next council term to refuse any increase in councillor salary, accepting pre-2009 salary levels, and, as long as I am a member of Dundee City Council, I will never claim expenses of any kind.

I am privileged to serve the people of the West End on Dundee City Council.   It is not about remuneration - it is about getting things done.

* Two others - former councillors - also had the lowest salary/expenses in 2011/12 - my sister-in-law and former colleague Helen Dick, who retired from the City Council at the recent elections, and Donald Hay, formerly a Conservative councillor, who was not re-elected.