Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hillcrest Road - an update

Hillcrest Road
Last month, I updated residents that the very poor road surface in Hillcrest Road was, at last, to be resurfaced.

The work should have started this week, but residents have contacted me to say it hasn't.    I sought an update from Tayside Contracts who advised me yesterday:

"The works at Hillcrest Rd have been delayed due to a number of reasons. A combination of the poor weather experienced from April to date and unforeseen circumstance being experienced on a number of other jobs have prevented the works starting when planned. To exacerbate this, the closure for the works was for a fixed period of 5 days preventing us from simply moving the works back a week until the over running works were completed. In order to carry out the works we have had to apply for a new closure and to ensure there is flexibility to deal with any future unforeseen circumstance a full flexible closure has been applied for. Unfortunately this process takes 6 weeks to promote, with the works now programmed to commence 4th July 2012. Signs will be placed to inform the residents that the works have been delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused residents.

As indicated previously, the works are not to be a series of individual patches, they comprise of a 40mm full width patch for approximately ¾ of the street (150m), starting at Blackness Ave going west towards Marchfield Rd."

I asked that the promised signage to update residents be placed as soon as possible (as residents were avoiding parking outside their homes expecting works to start imminently) and was given a commitment by Tayside Contracts that this would be done yesterday.

It is obviously disappointing that the work has been slightly delayed but we will undoubtedly see a much better road surface in Hillcrest Road by early July.