Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Lane restriction at Riverside Drive

I have updated residents in the past about the lane restriction on Riverside Drive at the junction with Riverside Approach, following a vehicle hitting the rail bridge structure last November.

I have complained to the City Council about the on-going delays in getting the lane restriction permanently resolved and have now received the following feedback from the Head of Transportation :

"I have had feedback from Engineering Staff as follows :

'As far as I'm aware the alterations to the kerb line to suit bridge height restrictions have just been completed.

There is a current nearside lane restriction at the old Homebase site which is due to run from 30/4/12 to 25/5/12 to allow for accommodation works to be completed re-installing a new footway along the roadside.'

All being well all lanes should be available after 25 May 2012.  Also noted that the footway around the former Homebase will be kerbside and not the remote footpath alongside railway line, which caused problems last time the site was under development."