Saturday, 26 May 2012

Riverside Drive footpath - an update

Earlier this week, I highlighted the concerns residents and I have about the new footpath on the north side of Riverside Drive (in front of the development site at the old Homebase store) being, in our view, too close to the very busy roadway and too narrow.

I have been in correspondence with the Head of Transportation at Dundee City Council regarding the matter, asking what the possibilities are for moving the footway a bit away from this hugely busy roadway - or widening the pavement - or installing safety barriers.

Most recently, I have received this feedback:

"The pavement will be constructed as the development progresses and I cannot envisage a pedestrian barrier being installed along the very extensive length.

I will ask for a Road Safety Review of the temporary set up and the permanent layout but do not anticipate anything significant - the speed limit reduction to 40mph will hopefully change the feel of this road.  

More significantly the rail footbridge will significantly change pedestrian routing in the future (reduced use of north footway of Riverside is expected)."

The Road Safety Review is to be welcomed and I have asked for feedback once this has been carried out.   However, I remain concerned that the footpath here could have been constructed differently - and better - and I will be keeping a close eye on the situation as development on the site progresses.