Monday, 28 May 2012

Magdalen Green

With the recent good weather, it has been great to see local parks across the West End being well-used by the public, including Magdalen Green - see right.

The Friends of Magdalen Green and I have made clear to the City Council that there was a need for additional litter facilities - the "heritage style" bins look the part in a Conservation Area but simply do not hold enough litter.

As an experiment, the City Council's Environment Department last week installed half a dozen wheelie bins at specific locations at the Green edge - see below:
Feedback from residents to this has been pretty positive although, given the number of bottles left on the Green overnight on Friday, a number of residents have commented that the bins could be better sited - I have given their feedback to the City Council.

And ... with thanks to the City Council's Head of Transportation, who has given me his permission to reproduce his photograph below, here's the new Solar Powered Marker Lights that now run along the paths in Magdalen Green, making the route of the paths clearer at night: