Thursday, 24 May 2012

Pleasance Court - new residents' group

Pleasance Court
Last night, I chaired a very productive and positive meeting with residents of Pleasance Court ("The Coffin Mill") off Brook Street, and am grateful to all residents who attended and to Home Scotland representatives who both hosted the meeting in the residents' lounge and participated in the discussion.   Ross & Liddell, who factor many of the properties on the south side of the mill, are also very supportive.

The principle of re-forming the residents' group was agreed by all who attended and will be holding another meeting in the coming weeks to progress this and to update everyone on progress with actions taken as a result of issues raised last night.    Between Home Scotland, Ross & Liddell and myself, an update will be sent to every household on issues that have been raised and seeking views/feedback.

Numerous issues were raised including home and parking security, bins, repairs and concern about the state of the nearby Queen Victoria Works site - an issue I am continuing to pursue with the City Council.

Residents had previously raised with me the bad graffiti in Douglas Street opposite the entrance to Pleasance Court.   I had raised this with the council's Rapid Response Team and they swiftly attended to this earlier this week - see below:
Before ...

After ...
After this residents' meeting, I was pleased to catch part of the Friends of the University of Dundee Botanic Garden meeting that took place in the Botanic Garden Education Centre on a beautiful warm evening.    The Friends have achieved very substantial donations and earmarkings to assist the Botanic Garden and it was good to learn of the establishment of a Dundee Botanic Garden Endowment Trust.