Monday, 28 May 2012

Bioblitz ... and Balgay!

Yesterday afternoon, just before the start of the Friends of Balgay litter pick at Balgay Hill, I had the opportunity to call in at the start of the Bioblitz at Riverside Nature Park, run by Dundee City Council's Countryside Ranger Service - see right.

BioBlitz is a 24-hour event in which teams of volunteer scientists, families, students, teachers, and others from the local community work together to find and identify as many species of plants, animals, microbes, fungi, and other organisms as possible.   It was great to see a good turnout of people on a beautiful Sunday afternoon!

However, I spent the bulk of Sunday afternoon helping with other volunteers from the Friends of Balgay to litter pick Balgay Hill.   It was a glorious afternoon to be doing this and lots of litter was removed from the hill.   Here's a couple of photos from yesterday's litter pick:
The Balgay Litter Pick Team - I am on the far right of the photograph
Me with Dr Hilda Spear, Chair of the Friends of Balgay

On a less positive note, I am grateful to the residents who have brought to my attention vandalism to part of the bill by persons unknown who have been digging out part of the field near the steps that come from Balgay Hill to form a makeshift mountain bike assault course.    See photos of the damage below:

The matter has been reported to Tayside Police and the City Council will restore the ground in the near future.