Sunday, 18 July 2010

Support Florence and Precious Mhango

My LibDem blogger colleague Caron Lindsay has blogged recently about the plight of Florence and Precious Mhango - a mother and her 10 year old daughter from Malawi - who are currently living in Glasgow. Her blog article is well worth a read.

Florence and Precious have been turned down for asylum after suffering domestic violence and are nearing the end of the legal process and face deportation despite the fact that if this happens, it’s likely that Precious will be taken by her father’s family and will not be allowed to see her mother again. At the moment she is settled at school in Glasgow and is doing well. Deportation would have an horrific effect on her welfare.

This can end one of two ways – they will be deported to a very worrying future, or Theresa May could decide to use her discretion to grant them leave to remain here outside the immigration rules because of the compelling and compassionate circumstances.

Florence and Precious have the support of church leaders, the First Minister of Scotland, journalists such as former Sunday Times Scotland journalist
Joan MacAlpine and a significant cross section of Scottish society.

Tomorrow night there is a humanitarian vigil in Glasgow in their support from 5.30-7pm. There is also a Facebook group to which people can post pictures and messages.

It is to be hoped that the Home Secretary will act in a compassionate way and allow Florence and Precious to have a safe an secure future in Scotland.