Thursday 29 July 2010

Update on encampment at Riverside

As reported in tonight's "Evening Telegraph", I have been in touch with the City Council's Chief Executive and the Director of Housing about the travellers' encampment at the Riverside Business Park, following on from my letter to them earlier this week.

There's been a significant build up of litter and rubbish and, in addition to residents' concerns about the mess, the further concern is that, as the site is close to Dundee Airport, this litter blowing about and the build up of gulls in the area as a result, could pose a threat to aircraft. As residents are aware, the airport already undertakes bird scaring to ensure aircraft can land safely and a mass of extra birds is simply not helpful.

The Chief Executive updated me this morning as follows :

"I visited the site this morning and your constituent is quite correct that the volume of litter is excessive , and indeed is starting to cause a congregation of gulls, which in itself could be a flight hazard. An officer of the council will this morning contact the owner of Riverside Business Park and request that he make a formal complaint, which I am sure will happen. Thereafter we will set the wheels in motion with Police and Housing. I have asked officers to instruct the Rapid Response Team to visit the site today to clear the current level of litter."

The Director of Housing thereafter advised me that :

" ...the Gypsy Travellers Liaison Officer, based in East District Housing Office, is aware of the encampment and has confirmed that the landowner (has) served a 24 hour notice to move on the travellers. This has, so far, been ignored and the landowner has further confirmed that legal action is being pursued."