Saturday, 24 July 2010

Riverside Avenue - oh so overgrown!

At the Technology Park, there's a hugely overgrown strip of grass on the north side of Riverside Avenue just east of the Swallow roundabout. Residents have complained to me about the state of it - it is a really bad advertisement for the city as its the first part of the city you encounter by road travelling from the south towards the City Centre.

I contacted Scottish Enterprise Tayside (SET) about the matter and have had a prompt response as follows :

"I'm not surprised that there have been complaints because I agree that it is a mess. Actually Scottish Enterprise don't own this area or in fact very much land at the Technology Park. All of the individual owners of plots should be responsible for their own landscaping. The particular corner plot at the roundabout is owned by Aviva who unfortunately have moved out. Historically SE maintained a lot of these areas but because of budget restrictions and legal advice that in fact we shouldn't be maintaining land that we don't own, we have now stopped.

I can tell you though that we are in the process of trying to get all of the owners to agree a landscaping maintenance plan and we are currently working towards that. I know this doesn't help much in the meantime but as I said we are doing our best to resolve the issue."

I have asked SET to keep me updated - and hopefully we will see the area properly maintained in the near future.