Sunday 25 July 2010

Digital TV - how many channels will you get?

Yesterday's "Courier" highlighted the intention on the part of the Arqiva, the owners and operators of television transmitters, to re-site the Campberdown transmitter in the adjacent Lochee Ward, as it currently sits on one of the Menzieshill multi-storeys being demolished.

The article highlights that the relocated transmitter will carry a much-reduced number of digital TV channels compared to the main Angus transmitter at Tealing. This is in common with all relay transmitter - only the main transmitters will carry all Freeview channels.

In the past,
I have highlighted the drawbacks of the reduced "Freeview Lite" service planned for the Tay Bridge relay transmitter (that serves much of the West End) after the impending digital switchover - as it gives residents only around 22 of the approximate 58 TV and radio channels that others served by main transmitters (like the Angus transmitter that serves most of the north of the City) get. I have raised the issue with Ofcom, the broadcasting regulator. See :

Over the weekend, a Perth Road resident has e-mailed me as follows :

"Hi Fraser. Can you please tell me why, because I am served by the stv north tay bridge transmitter I will only get 18 channels come the switchover but anyone that is served by stv north angus transmitter will get 60 channels?

"I think this is unfair as we all pay the same licence fee, so we should all get the same amount of channels. They have had years to upgrade the tay bridge transmitter and I dont feel that this is right."

I totally agree with his points and there's need for Ofcom to revisit this matter.