Thursday 15 July 2010

Transportation of drugs - an update

Last month, I covered concerns about the transportation of drugs between Ninewells Hospital, Perth Royal Infirmary and Royal Victoria Hospital by public bus. I have since has various exchanges with Professor Tony Wells, Chief Executive of NHS Tayside, on the matter.

This morning, we had a useful discussion about the matter. Professor Wells has agreed that once the NHS Tayside Chair, Sandy Watson is back from leave, he’ll put to him my request that the policy goes before the NHS Tayside Board for discussion. He says the Chair may prefer that it goes to the appropriate committee of the board. I have no problem with this given that their deliberations have to be reported to the Board in any case.

I also asked that consideration be given to retention of records of drugs transported by bus be kept for longer than a week (as they currently are) to allow for proper scrutiny of these records should, for example, a Freedom of Information request be made. Professor Wells indicated that he is prepared to consider that and will respond to me in due course on both aspects in writing.