Thursday 29 July 2010

What is SiDE?

With the permission of Marianne Dee at the University of Dundee's School of Computing, here's an update on the SiDE project and a request for participants :

"SiDE is a research project which is being conducted at four universities across the UK. Here in Dundee, in the University’s School of Computing, SiDE Dundee is building up a Research Pool of 1000 people aged 50 and over who are willing to take part in research studies over the next four years.

Researchers want to understand the ways in which technology is used in people’s lives. They are interested in all technologies so the research might be studying the use of the microwave oven, the use of remote controls or how cars and driving have changed over the years. They will also be looking into newer technologies, for example, using email and computer use. They do want to hear from people who don’t use new technology as well as those who do. They will also want to talk to all generations of people over the age of 50. No one is too old to take part in this work.

The population of older adults is growing rapidly and new technologies are developing at a fast pace. There is a real danger that older people may lose out on the benefits of technological development simply because the technology is not user friendly. It does appear to be targeted at the younger generation as gadgets become smaller, faster and multi functioned.

Our research aims to find out what older adults find useful and what they find difficult or unhelpful so we can inform and advise the technology industries.

All we need, to begin with, is the contact details of willing participants to keep on record; we then contact people and describe current research studies and ask them if they are happy to take part. There is no obligation to take part if it does not suit the person at that point in time.

Each time people take part in a piece of research they will receive a gift voucher as a thank you for their time.

Anyone wishing to help us with our research can contact Marianne Dee in any of the following ways:

Freepost RSGT-KRJX-JHBS (No stamp needed)
University of Dundee
School of Computing,
Dundee DD1 4HN


Tel: 01382 388237 – leave a message if I am out and I will return your call."