Sunday, 18 July 2010

Zac Goldsmith's expenses

I'm frankly astonished by the approach Zac Goldsmith, Tory MP for Richmond Park, took with Jon Snow of Channel 4 news - judge for yourself! I suspect Goldsmith thought that by bringing up irrelevant rubbish he'd talk out Jon Snow, but it comes across dreadfully badly. Awful really.

If he can justify and get away with not declaring the bulk of the cost of election boards to his campaign and off-loading some of the cost to local election candidates when the boards mentioned only one candidate's name (Zac Goldsmith) and one candidate's huge photograph (Zac Goldsmith), with absolutely no mention of the local election candidate and the bulk of cost totally undeclared, then electoral law requires review. The representative of the Electoral Commission seemed to think (judging by his interview on C4 news) that this should be part of the parliamentary candidate's expenses - but don't hold your breath - the Electoral Commission is, in my view, a thoroughly inadequate and useless quango.

The cost of the jackets? A non-issue in my view, but who on earth fails to deliver 60 000+ election leaflets he has paid for?

One cannot help but think that in Susan Kramer, Richmond previously had a rather better parliamentary representative.