Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Update on City Council's fortnightly bin collections proposal

I have already raised concerns about the City Council SNP administration's proposal to end weekly general waste bin collections and spoke on both Radio Tay news and Wave 102 news yesterday on the matter yesterday.    You can hear my comments on Wave 102 news by clicking 'play' below:
I have highlighted my concerns about the proposal to the City Council's Director of Environment, including the high level of flatted accommodation in Dundee that has limited storage space for two weeks' of refuse and the lack of household recycling for many households in the city.

He has responded as follows:

"I can confirm that we are currently in the process of preparing a report for committee setting out the proposed future strategy for waste collection and recycling in order to comply with new government legislation. I had hoped to have this report to committee in February however we are still in the process of finalising this report and it is now likely to be March before this comes to committee. 

There are a number of scenarios we have been considering, all of which will involve some form of weekly collections of waste being undertaken. However the key change will be around about what it is that we collect on a weekly basis. Whilst we are looking at the introduction of fortnightly collections for residual waste, I confirm that any such proposal would be on the basis that we increase the provision of recycling facilities and collections for residents across the city. Our aim is to significantly reduce the amount of residual waste that we have to collect and dispose of and to increase the amount of recyclate we collect be it paper, metals, plastics or food. The number of flatted properties that we have in the city will make introducing these changes more of a challenge, however I can confirm that we will be bringing forward proposals that will seek to deal with this matter.

I trust this helps clarify the position meantime and provide some reassurance at this stage, noting that the report on this matter is not yet finalised."

I have responded:

"I have to say I am extremely nervous about any move away from a weekly general waste collection given our high number of flatted properties with limited storage areas.    The evidence from south of the border appears to show a move back to weekly general waste collections given the unpopularity and issues with fortnightly general waste collection."