Friday, 22 February 2013

West End Local Community Planning Partnership

Last night, after attending a meeting with University of Dundee students at DUSA and having my weekly ward surgery at Blackness Primary School, I took part in the latest West End Local Community Planning Partnership meeting.

In addition to a presentation on welfare reform, there were a number of local issues discussed.   Of note:

* The Ryehill Police Station will be closed for a short period from 11th March for a much-needed refurbishment.

* It is hoped that improvements to the council-subsidised bus services (like the 204 and 204a service) may lead to an 'outer circle service' to improve evening and Sunday services.   Having long campaigned for bus improvements for areas that require better services (examples being the north side of Logie and also Pentland), I would welcome any improvements that benefit the West End.   Another possibility is a new service that would link the West End and Lochee (as well as Ardler) - again, this would have benefits for many constituents.   A report to the City Council's City Development Committee on this is due by April.

* There is, subject to possible funding through Sustrans, the possibility of a new toucan-style pedestrian crossing on Riverside Drive near to the Riverside Pavilion/Bridgeview Station Restaurant once the new lower 40 mph speed limit is in place.

* I raised concerns that the recent council "wheelie bin awareness campaign" has had no real impact in terms of getting a reduction of wheelie bins that sit permanently on the pavement and I suggested that resources must be directed to addressing this issue, given concerns from constituents.