Tuesday, 26 February 2013

West End Skatepark progress

Last year, the West End Local Community Planning Partnership heard from a 10 year old pupil from Blackness Primary School who had contacted me making the case for a skatepark in the West End and a very impressive and articulate young man he is too.  Along with his father, around that time we met with City Council officers to see what options there might be for provision of what would be a great facility for the west of the city.

Earlier today, we again met with officers from the City Council's Environment Department for an update and were pleased to hear proposals for a possible skatepark near the Lynch Centre in South Road.   This is obviously in the Lochee Ward rather than the West End but it is close to the west part of the West End with good cycle and pathway links.    Crucially, regeneration funding is available in the Lochee area that is not available in the West End and that might make provision of a skatepark financially possible.

There is a consultation exercise underway in the Lochee Ward on sports/leisure improvements and a skatepark can be provided only if there is sufficient community support for it, but it is nonetheless good progress towards a skatepark in the west of the city and I'll continue to keep residents updated on this.