Friday, 8 February 2013

Improving the council's capital and revenue budgets

I have submitted my proposals to improve the Dundee City Council Revenue Budget the SNP administration put forward.   These are:

Do not increase statutory level in S1
in Mathematics and English in any schools                             £197k

Supported Services Unregistered
Continue Friendly Bus service                                                £60k

TOTAL                                                                                    £257k

This would be fully funded from a number of sources including :

Cut Advertising and Contract Car Hire Budget
Do not proceed with Fortnightly Bin Collections so less funding required for Scottish Waste Aware Group and Zero Waste Fund initiatives
Reduce Exhibition Events Activities, printing and stationery and other Supplies Services     

I welcome the change of heart by the SNP that will now see the Friendly Bus shopping service saved.   My own alternative budget proposals would also have seen the service saved and it is good to see a  bit of cross-party agreement for a change for the benefit of elderly people who rely on this vital bus service.

My own proposals however also tackle another vital issue - the SNP proposal to increase class sizes in S1 in Mathematics and English in five of Dundee’s nine secondary schools being scrapped and lower pupil/teacher ratios being maintained.   I hope the SNP will think again on that.   

I have a funded proposal that would avoid increasing these class sizes that the Chief Executive and Director of Corporate Services agree is a competent proposal.    Surely the SNP administration will want to avoid unnecessarily increasing these class sizes?

I have also proposed improvements to the City Council Capital Budget that would see the Environment Department’s planned new headquarters scrapped in favour of more investment in schools and more investment in road repairs and resurfacing.     

I would welcome the views of constituents -