Saturday, 9 February 2013

WESHA committee view Riverside Pavilion improvement work

This morning, along with fellow members of the West End Community and Sports Hub (WESHA) committee, we toured the Riverside Pavilion and changing rooms on Riverside Drive to view the improvement works that have now commenced thanks to a Community Payback funding bid that WESHA and three other sports hubs across Dundee successfully bid for last year.

We were pleased to note the initial progress, although much of the work remains to be completed.    There are also other works in and around the pavilion that we would like to see take place in addition to the current bid and are discussion possible funding options.

Here are some photographs from this morning's visit:
Riverside Pavilion

Jim, Rhoda and Angela from the WESHA committee

Me with Rhoda and Angela

Work has started on the showers

Work has also started on repainting the changing rooms

We looked at the large loft space and were pleased to note it appears basically sound.    We have managed to obtain funding for loft insulation that is badly needed

The car park is in real need of improvement - we have some ideas about hopefully effecting some minor improvements in the near future to at least get rid of the worst of the potholes and rutting of the surface