Thursday, 18 April 2013

Still need to tackle West End parking problems as parking scheme proposal rejected

As Dundee City Council publishes its report on residents' parking in the West End and announces that it will not progress a residents’ parking scheme in the area of the West End that was subject to the parking consultation in autumn 2012, I have made clear that I am unsurprised by the outcome of the consultation as the council had proposed an unworkable scheme that was dead in the water from day one.    You can read the council's report on the consultation outcomes here.

The parking scheme proposed by the council was never likely to command support.   It is an unsellable proposition to expect many West End residents to pay £80 a year to park outside their homes when residents covered by the Menzieshill parking scheme pay only £5 a year.   The failure the address this guaranteed that residents in the West End would reject the proposal, and, to be frank, the proposal to further charge people for their visitors parking in the area was a faintly ridiculous idea.

The council must now look for a positive way forward from its failed consultation.    Over 600 people responded and there are many good ideas that residents have suggested.    The council must immediately take steps to undertake a review of waiting restrictions in the area that could free up some additional parking.  

The council’s report to next week’s City Development Committee has a “do nothing” feel to it and that is simply not acceptable.    There is a real issue for many people trying to get parked near their homes and the council must look for a positive way forward to help these residents.