Monday, 29 April 2013

UK City of Culture 2017 - Dundee's Bid is submitted!

I was very pleased this morning to be one of a large number of people (see some of whom - right) who took part in a photocall outside The McManus to celebrate the submission of Dundee's Bid Document today to become UK City of Culture 2017.

The Bid Team has advised:

"The bid itself plays strongly to the strengths of the creative and cultural sectors in the City.  It puts forward the case that we will build on our strengths and develop a sustainable City of Culture, the legacy of which will be strong community engagement.

The bid recognises the need to close the gap between those who enjoy the benefits of the rich cultural offer that Dundee presents, and the other side of the City which is too often under-represented in the creative output of the City, or in its audiences.

Dundee's bid argues that its development and implementation should be strongly focused on the next generation.

The outline programme for 2017 has been presented thematically:

a celebration of the river - and the communities around the Tay Estuary;
a celebration of the environment - connecting the City's green spaces, a festival of the hills in and around Dundee, a beach party and an outdoor music programme;
a celebration of the people - a homecoming for those with their roots in Dundee or those who studied in the City;
a celebration of the light - shining a light on the future, appreciating the quality of light, night light luminaire, and bright minds.

Each of these themes will be presented as an invitation to crowd source a seasonal programme for the spring, the summer, the autumn and the winter.

Although the outcome of the stage 1 bid will not be known until the end of June, the Bid Development Group have already started further work on stage 2 and remain very focused on the the task of bringing UK City of Culture 2017 to Dundee."

Here is a video taken from this morning's photocall: