Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Riverside Civic Amenity Site

I was on Radio Tay and Wave 102 News yesterday pointing out that the City Council must get the act together in terms of sorting the current problems with recycling at Dundee’s remaining civic amenity sites.   This follows problems on Saturday at the Riverside Civic Amenity Centre where residents bringing recycling to the site first thing on Saturday morning found they joined a long queue of people unable to deposit recycling as the skips were full from the night before.

I received a number of complaints from constituents about the situation at Riverside on Saturday and raised their complaints with the council’s Environment Director.   I have asked for assurances that henceforth both civic amenity sites in the city will be fully operational during their advertised opening times.

When the council administration announced it was closing the Marchbanks Civic Amenity Centre, I sought assurances from the Environment Department that the Riverside site would be open at all advertised times as having only one main site in the west of the city means its vital Riverside is open for business.   My main concern at that time was the regular flooding issues at the site and I received assurances that these were being tackled by the City Engineer.

Saturday's problem appears, however, to have been more about skips not being emptied or replaced at Riverside meaning that people were unable to deposit their recycling first thing on Saturday morning.    The council really does have to get its act together to ensure the facility is available for use during its advertised opening hours and I have sought that assurance from the Environment Director.

It is also important that the council reviews what can be recycled at its two remaining civic amenity sites at Baldovie and Riverside.    At present, residents cannot deposit rubble, bulky or mixed waste at Riverside or garden waste at Baldovie.    

If there are only two main sites left in the city following the Marchbanks closure, the two remaining sites must provide the full scope of services.   It is not reasonable to expect someone who lives in the east of the city to have to travel right across Dundee to Riverside to deposit garden waste.   Similarly, constituents in the West End have to drive right across the city to Baldovie to deposit bulky waste.    In terms of sustainability, that makes no sense whatsoever and the council must review this as a matter of urgency.

You can hear my interview on Radio Tay News by clicking 'play' below: