Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Winter at Balgay

I live in the city of Dundee
That sits by the Silvery Tay
And high above majestically
Stands the beautiful Hill of Balgay

The ancient trees tall and proud
Abundant with nuts and foliage
Hide squirrels, birds, foxes,
And lots of creepy crawlies.

In winter when the snow blows
The Spruce and Pine still there
With coats of green protecting
The hill which is so bare.
The holly and the Aster dotted in between
Red berries dripping, dangling in the green.

The evening dew falls softly
But there’s no need to hurry
Just keep on meandering to the Mills Observatory
Inside the wonders to behold
Are there for all to see
There’s not another like it
In the City of Dundee

As twilight turns to darkness
Enjoy the tranquil scene
A sense of satisfaction
No mystery to unfold
At one with Mother Nature
Even in the cold
It warms my heart to walk here
As each season
Time unfolds

                                                Marion Adams, West End resident