Sunday, 7 April 2013

Waterfront Development - Update

Update from the Bridge Manager, Tay Road Bridge Joint Board :

Below is the monthly update on the Dundee City Waterfront Development works and how this has impacted on traffic on the bridge.

Contract 3 – Sir Robert McAlpine (SRM) -

Progress March 2013

There have been minor delays for north bound traffic leaving the bridge during off peak periods due to lane restrictions on the new North Boulevard section. Other than this there have been no issues affecting traffic accessing and exiting the bridge.

The current traffic management will be in place until mid May 2013 to allow the first phase of the new ramps to be completed and commissioned.

Construction of the deck of the west half of the structure  and the North approach ramp is ongoing.

Planned Works – April 2013

Construction of the west portion of Marketgait Bridge will continue to completion.

Construction of new north approach to the bridge will be completed sufficiently to allow traffic to start using.

SRM have no planned works that will directly affect the bridge traffic at present for April 2013.

If there are any substantial changes to the above I will send an update.

Also information on the works is available on the Board web site