Sunday 3 October 2010

West End calendar for 2011

In recent years, Friends of Magdalen Green have published a calendar featuring the best photos of Magdalen Green, following an annual photography competition.    This year, Dundee WestFest ran the photograph competition for a calendar, so we now have a calendar with shots taken all over the West End (including Magdalen Green!)

The calendars have just gone on sale, at £4.99 each.    They are being sold at Blackness Library, Perth Road Post Office, the Dundee WestFest shop and by mail if you email The Dundee WestFest shop on Perth Road is staffed by local volunteers and is open Tuesday to Friday 1 - 4pm, and 10 am - 4pm on Saturdays.

Once again the people who have taken part in the competition have provided a stunning set of images of the West End - great for you, for a gift, for the home or for work.     The photos below are not from the calendar but capture the excitement of WestFest back in June!