Friday, 15 October 2010

69 bus service - an update

Back in April, I reported that Stagecoach Strathtay had agreed to my request on behalf of constituents that it slightly extend the 69's bus route to cover Richmond Terrace and Richmond Court (pictured right) - this will be a boon to elderly residents in the area.

The route revision has yet to be implemented and I have queried this with the City Council.    The Council's Sustainable Transport Team Leader has advised me as follows :

"We've got some on-going development work with Stagecoach to improve the bus services into Broughty Ferry. It looks like it will involve the re-registration of the Service 69 and if it does, it may offer the opportunity to address the Richmond Court extension at the same time.

The delay in getting this extension introduced is primarily caused by my desire to keep costs under control. There are significant costs involved in changing a route - staff time / printed material / real time system updates and as previously stated, I was waiting for the right moment to bring the changes in so that additional costs were minimised.

There was also the major 'diversion' brought about by the NXD network changes in the summer and this sucked up a lot of staff time.

Hopefully, I will have a positive update for you in the next couple of weeks."