Sunday 10 October 2010

Embankment at Pentland Crescent

A long-standing complaint from Pentland area residents has been the unkempt embankment at the back of Pentland Crescent - very overgrown - and the matter was raised at last week's Community Spirit meeting.

I've been in touch with Dundee Contract Services about this and have now received the following positive feedback from their Acting Land Services Manager :

"The area in question was planted with azaleas a number of years ago.  

Due to the steep incline and due to health and sefety requirements it has not been possible to access as we previously had for maintenance purposes.   However I had intended overcoming this problem before now. 

Within the next 4 weeks I intend overcoming accessing the banking safely with the use of harnesses etc to clear and weed kill the area.

Thereafter we intend treating with herbicide 4 occassions per annum to suppress vegetative growth."