Saturday 9 October 2010

Riverside Drive/Riverside Avenue roundabout - further update

I updated residents in August about the City Engineer's proposal to tidy the roundabout at Riverside Avenue/Riverside Drive (near to the Riverside Inn, formerly Marmalade Pot) and he has now given me this progress report :

"Discussion on the proposed replanting of the above has taken place between Road Maintenance, Dundee Contract Services and Planning.

It has been agreed that low level shrubs should be used and not trees as previously considered. As such a work order is to be issued to replace the existing shrubs with low level varieties - eg Euonymus and Hebe - which will reduce future maintenance costs but retain a 'green' element to the roundabout.

Traffic management will be required to carry out this work - ie lane closures on all approaches to the roundabout and will require a 'slot on the network' to be allocated.

This work should be carried out within the next 2 months."