Saturday 23 October 2010

Update : Dundee - London flights concern

Further to my recent article expressing concern about deterimental changes to the CityJet flights to London City Airport from Dundee, the airport manager has responded to my e-mail to him raising the issue and asking that we discuss the matter further at the next meeting of Dundee Airport Consultative Committee, taking place on 5th November :

"... we are starting to getting concerns voiced over the new timetable by Cityjet. We have been and still are in on going discussions with them on this. You have copied Ian Dolderer* in on it which is the best thing to do. We have a meeting on 29th October with Cityjet and Dundee City Council on this issue.

There definitely will be an opportunity for discussion on this at the consultative meeting.

When I have more information on any outcomes I will let you know."

* Ian Dolderer is the CityJet representative on the airport consultative committee.