Thursday 26 January 2023

Power outages in Seafield Road/Seafield Lane #dundeewestend

We received concerns in the New Year from Seafield Lane residents about further power outages for households served by the electricity sub-station in Seafield Road.

We contacted SSE about this and have been updated as follows :

"Unfortunately we are aware of an ongoing fault on one of the underground cables at Seafield Lane in Dundee. Every time this has faulted, it has blown the fuses at the substation, we have been able to restore power by replacing the fuse.

To build expectations, this will continue to happen until we can identify the exact location of the cable fault. The Network Integrity team are aware of this fault and efforts are ongoing to identify the faulty section of the cable.

I appreciate that this is not the response you will be looking for but I would like to reassure members of the local community that we are aware of the ongoing fault and once we have identified the location, we will carry out the necessary repairs."