Tuesday 10 January 2023

Nature Restoration Fund - woodland planting at Balgay and Riverside Nature Park #dundeewestend

As part of its drive to implement the Dundee Climate Action Plan and Biodiversity Action Plan, the council has been awarded significant funding from the Nature Restoration Fund to develop its woodland resource. The proposals will increase the resilience of the city to withstand the effects climate change, act as a carbon store and provide spaces for biodiversity and local people.

In addition to the direct grant from the Scottish Government, the council has been awarded a further £182 000 from the Nature Restoration Fund. The funding proposal, which was agreed last night by the council's Neighbourhood Services Committee, is to create 12 hectares of new native woodland across 3 sites in the city.

These sites include areas at Riverside Nature Park and Balgay Hill. These new areas of planting will enable Dundee City Council to expand existing woodland areas, improving climate resilience, creating new habitat for wildlife and a future resource for local people.

Officers have communicated the grant success with the local ‘Friends of’ groups, who are supportive, and local community officers are aware of the proposals.

It will also write to the residents of properties which border the area of Balgay. This letter will include a map of the areas to be planted, explain the council’s intentions to increase the woodland resource in the city and the benefits that this will bring, and advises that there will be opportunities for local people to get involved in the planting.

The letter explains the planting process and that temporary protective fencing will be erected. It also highlights that any potential impact on residents have been considered, with planting being situated away from houses, using smaller shrub species at the edges of planting and maintaining informal access paths where possible. No letters will be sent in relation to Riverside Nature Park proposals as there are obviously no immediately adjacent residential properties.