Monday 30 January 2023

Dundee’s Voice

The City Council is encouraging sign ups to a new digital participation platform that aims to seek the views of Dundonians across the city.

Dundee’s Voice is a tool for citizen engagement that the council hopes will become one of the main channels for open dialogue with Dundee residents and community involvement that will influence and shape what happens in Dundee.

The website uses an open-source software called CONSUL, developed by COSLA on behalf of Scotland's 32 local authorities and it allows citizens to vote, discuss and comment on projects in their local communities.

Dundee’s Voice leads on from previous the participatory budget exercise Dundee Decides which saw 11,000+ people vote over an eight-week period in 2018 on £1.2 million of funding for 30 projects across Dundee.

Everyone who lives in Dundee that is aged 11 or above is eligible to sign up. You can sign up today on Dundee’s Voice website at :

There's also a video at :