Sunday, 8 May 2016

West End roads and pavements improvements - 2016/17

The City Council's City Development Department has advised of its programme for roads and pavements upgrades for this new financial year - 2016/17.    In the West End Ward, these are as follows :

Adopted pavement improvements :

Perth Road – north footway – Duncan of Jordanstone to Springfield
Perth Road – north footway – Speedwell Bar to Sinderins junction
Smellies Lane
Guthrie Street - Pizza Hut to Horsewater Wynd
Ashbank Road (where part of the east footway is sunken and needs reinstatement)

Unadopted pavements :

Magdalen Yard Road – south side (new 2 metre wide footpath round north edge of Magdalen Green)
West Park Road – west side - Roxburgh Terrace to Norwood Terrace

Roads improvements:

Riverside Drive - Rail Station to Tesco Goods Entrance - Eastbound 
Nethergate - Marketgait to South Tay Street 
Perth Road – west of Blackness Library to West Park Road (start – Monday 9th May) 
Riverside Drive - Riverside Inn to Riverside Approach 

Non-Adopted Asset Programme :

Balgay Cemetery Various Internal Roads - overlay
Balgay Road - Both Footways reconstruction
Logie Avenue Footway and Access at Lock ups resurface

A map of the proposals for the West End is below :

I am pleased at further progress on the unadopted pavements programme that will include the north edge of Magdalen Green again having a proper footpath (as it did historically).

It is particularly good to see roads and pavements being included where I have campaigned for improvements on behalf of residents - the two stretches of Perth Road's pavements east of Sinderins (on the north side) being two examples.