Saturday, 7 May 2016

Redefining potholes!

One of our neighbouring authorities, Perth and Kinross Council, has changed its definition of a pothole. 

Previously a repair team would be sent out if a fault in the road had a depth of at least 40mm, or 1.5 inches. 

But now, it will not be fixed unless they are 60mm - 2.36 inches - or more. 

Perth and Kinross Council expects the new criteria to save £120,000 a year.

As constituents have queried with me our council's policy, I asked Dundee City Council's Director of City Development and he has responded as follows :
Dundee does have criteria for when a defect (including a pothole) is identified for repair and is referred to below.   This is the standard that the majority of Scottish Authorities currently follow. 
“A surfacing defect will become actionable when it is greater than 150mm in diameter, the leading edge of a raised or depressed vertical face is proud of the immediately adjacent surfacing by 20mm on footways and 40mm on carriageways.”