Friday 16 October 2015

Bin collection and recycling changes - Phase 2 roadshow at the Mitchell Street Centre

As I advised back in July, Phase 2 of the changes to recycling and bin collection arrangements starts on 9th November and represents a significant change in bin/recycling arrangements for households.

In Phase 2 of are the areas around Tullideph, Pentland, City Road, Brook Street, the eastern part of Blackness Road, Peddie Street, South Tay Street and Windsor Street.

Last night, I attended part of one of the roadshows taking place across the Phase 2 area.  Last night's was at the Mitchell Street Centre and was well-attended with well over 40 folk attending.   It gave residents the opportunity to find out more about the changes and get their questions answered.

Phase 2 - at least as far as the West End Ward part of it is concerned - probably presents more of an implementation challenge than the properties in Phase 1 given the large number of tenemental and flatted properties where, in many cases, the new system will involve communal facilities.  

It is therefore welcome that the council is holding no less than eight roadshows across the Phase 2 area.    There are more next week - see poster with full details here.