Monday 5 October 2015

Hillside Terrace and Hillside Place - roads resurfacing

Earlier this year, following my contacting the City Council's Roads Maintenance Partnership, I was advised that Hillside Terrace was recommended for inclusion in the 2015 carriageway resurfacing programme.

The much-needed resurfacing has recently taken place and feedback from residents about the work is very positive.     However, residents (and I!) are confused as to why Hillside Place was not resurfaced at the same time as it is essentially a small cul de sac entirely within the curtilage of Hillside Terrace.   The road condition is in the same poor state as Hillside Terrace previously was - see right :

The Roads Maintenance Partnership has advised me :

"I can confirm Hillside Place was swept while the road sweeper was in the area undertaking surface cleansing in advance of the works at Hillside Terrace.

The surfacing condition of Hillside Place is currently outwith priority programming criteria (i.e. there are worse condition roads within Dundee requiring expenditure priority). Hillside Place is currently assessed as priority 451. Our planned maintenance programme currently doesn’t include this road however at our current expenditure levels that would equate to planned maintenance in approximately 2023. The conditions of all roads in the authority area are assessed on an annual basis and this priority ranking may change dependant on condition deterioration of both this road and others within the city.

In the interim, prior to planned surfacing improvement works being committed, we will continue to undertake defect inspections on the road and will implement reactive repairs to priority safety related defects identified."

I have responded as follows :

"I note this but given the very short length of Hillside Place – its essentially a cul de sac of Hillside Terrace – it seems rather surprising that it wasn’t included as part of the Hillside Terrace works – particularly as the roadway in each was of similar condition.    I question the cost-effectiveness of doing Hillside Place as a separate scheme at a future date – it seems to me sensible to include tiny roads like this as part of works for the adjacent main road."

I will continue to pursue this matter on behalf of local residents.