Tuesday 6 October 2015

Dog Bin - Roseangle

I received a complaint from a resident at the end of last week that the dog bin on the cycle path from Greenmarket to Roseangle (at the Roseangle end) appeared to be full to over-flowing - see right.   Not a pretty sight.

I immediately asked the council's Environment Department on Friday to have it emptied and tidied and this was done swiftly.   The department responded as follows :

"This has been investigated and the operator spoken too. The operator confirmed there were bags on top of bin and on the ground and approx 8.15am today. 

He did also mention that after uplifting the bags on top of the bin, when opening the lid, the bin was no where near full, possibly meaning that the dog owner /owners may in fact have just placed the bag on top of the bin, which is strange.

Anyway, the bin is clean and empty now and we will continue to monitor."

As the local resident pointed out :

“I think it's because the bin itself is filthy and difficult to open.    Perhaps it should be replaced with a newer one.   People wouldn't dump bags on top if bin was accessible.”

That's a good point and I have requested that this old dog bin be replaced with a new one.