Thursday, 6 June 2013

Road Safety: Riverside Drive at Riverside Approach

Riverside Drive at the rail bridge
Back in January, I mentioned that a West End constituent had contacted me regarding his concerns about safety in respect of vehicles coming down Riverside Approach onto Riverside Drive then using the slip lane to cross the carriageway to head west along Riverside Drive.

Having since had further constituent concerns about the operation of this area of roadway, I wrote to the City Council’s Head of Transportation about the matter and he has now advised:

“The vicinity does not stand out within the incidents reported through Police and insurance records that informs the Accident Investigation Process that in turn assists us prioritise the road safety revenue budget interventions.  Therefore I do not foresee that this will be highlighted as a priority vicinity for Financial Year 2013/14.

I will however ask that the traffic engineers look at the layout following the 40 mph speed limit being introduced, as this may have changed traffic characteristics.  I will come back to you later in June / early July to allow the engineers an opportunity to view the traffic and consider if any changes are necessary and if so what resources will be required.”