Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Waterfront roads issue

I have had complaints from several West End residents about the operation of the temporary traffic lights just south of Tayside House where Riverside Drive currently meets South Marketgait - see right.

Drivers coming from the West End from the Riverside Drive side (coming east and joining South Marketgait at this junction to continue east) are complaining that it is almost impossible in busy traffic to get turned right at the lights because of the tail back of traffic from South Marketgait users who have come down from the Nethergate junction and are continuing east.   Even when the “Riverside” part of the traffic lights is at green, there is traffic already across the junction on South Marketgait so traffic from Riverside Drive goes no-place.  

I appreciate the challenges at this temporary location at present but contacted the City Council wondering if anything can be done to improve the situation.    Constituents have mentioned a clear and large “yellow box” exclusion zone and/or enforcement measures as some vehicles on South Marketgait are pushing their luck in terms of going through as/after the lights change.

The Head of Transportation has responded to me as follows:

"I have investigated your query and I think that the main problem was that the temporary works (temporary lane closures) associated with the ongoing central waterfront project are causing the queuing and delay at the junction that you and your constituents are finding. 

A yellow box marking may help to keep the junction clear of vehicles however I think that the main problem is, temporary during lane closures), the lack of road capacity on South Marketgait.  Were  a yellow box marking installed I would consider that there would be still no progression from Riverside Drive as there would still be queuing traffic ahead.  The priority is to keep the inner ring road moving  to avoid  grid locking this road.   The removal of the pedestrian phase at this junction next week will also allow further efficiency for all legs.

I will get the staff in UTC to monitor the situation to keep an eye on what is going on at this junction and I will pass your comments onto the Central Waterfront Team."