Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Dundee's Second Economic Summit

This morning, I attended Dundee's Second Economic Summit, at the Bonar Hall.

Like last year's summit, it was extremely well-attended and it was good to see so many of the city's employers represented.

There were a number of very interesting presentations and I was, in particular, fascinated by the excellent contribution by Herman Twickler, Managing Director of the PressureFab Group, the leading designer and manufacturer of offshore transport and development equipment, and based in the West End Ward at Wright Avenue.   Not only did Herman give an insight into the astounding success of PressureFab over the past four years, he also led the calls for employers to take on more modern apprentices.

The photograph below is of David Dorward, the City Council's Chief Executive, launching the "Discover Opportunities Employers' Pledge" to encourage employers to help maximise employment opportunities for young people and adults across Dundee to support business growth and develop our city's economy.

What was striking this morning was the great sense of drive, confidence and optimism about our city's future and the key role Dundee's employers have in taking the city forward.
City Council Chief Executive David Dorward addressing the Economic Summit this morning