Saturday, 1 June 2013

Councillors' salaries and expenses - 2012/13

Last night’s Evening Telegraph highlighted the salaries and allowances claimed by Dundee City Councillors in 2012/13.

Of the councillors who served in the whole financial year (some members were first elected during the year, at the May 2012 elections) my claim remained the lowest across the City Council.  This is due to the fact that I refused the councillor salary increase in 2009 and have maintained this stance every year thereafter.   

In addition, I never claim expenses - and have not done so throughout my 12 years as a member of Dundee City Council.

I will continue throughout the council term to 2017 to refuse any increase in councillor salary, accepting pre-2009 salary levels, and, as long as I am a member of Dundee City Council, I will never claim expenses of any kind.   

It is a privilege to work with the people of the West End on Dundee City Council.   It is not about remuneration.   It has always been about getting things done and will remain so.