Thursday, 1 November 2012

Getting things done : Sinderins junction

Back in August, I participated in a site visit regarding the issue of drivers on Perth Road heading west at the Hawkhill/Perth Road/Blackness Avenue junction mistakenly looking at the “Hawkhill heading west” light at the library.   

The matter was successfully resolved then, with the City Council fitting longer visors to the lights for west-bound drivers outside the library, so the lights there could be seen only from its intended direction of Hawkhill.

However, I received this from a constituent last week:

"I have just driven through the Perth road shops area heading west and the car in front of me mistakenly drove through the lights on red.   The shades/screens didn't seem to be at the correct angle, whereas I distinctly remember them working well some time ago."

I took up the matter with the City Council and have now been advised by a senior engineer:

"I viewed Sinderins junction today and saw that the internal louvre units had been ripped out.    I am putting this down to high winds.  I have instructed our maintenance contractor to rectify these units as quickly as possible."