Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Many thanks Ross and Liddell!

In the immediate run-up to tonight's West End Christmas events, it was a pleasure this morning to take part in a presentation with Simon Fitzpatrick of Ross and Liddell, whose community bursary programme has kindly given a generous donation to this year's West End Christmas Fortnight.

Based in City Quay, Ross and Liddell specialises in property management and maintenance and its Managing Director, Irene Devenney, said: “The bursary scheme was established to give financial support to non-profit groups and the West End Christmas Festival is a great example of an initiative involving the whole community.

“Christmas is a great time of year for the all the family, young and old, so the various events being held during the fortnight is a fantastic opportunity to get everyone into the festive spirit.

“We are thrilled that our bursary programme has been able to support this event.”

Here's a photograph from the photocall on the Magdalen Green bandstand this morning:
"Ministry of Silly Hats!" :  From the left - Pat Orr of West End Community Council, yours truly, Simon Fitzpatrick of Ross and Liddell and Lynne Cameron of the West End Christmas Committee