Thursday, 1 November 2012

The West End welcomes Bash Street!

I received the following consultation letter from Dundee City Council's Street Naming & Numbering Team yesterday:


There is a proposal for a children's soft play area within the former works buildings off West Marketgait.

As part of this development DC Thomson is in discussions with a local developer re licensing the Beano IP within the branded children’s soft play centre.    Planning consent has been granted for the soft play centre.

The Bash Street Kids will feature heavily in the new centre alongside Dennis the Menace, Gnasher, Minnie the Minx, Roger the Dodger and The Beano logo.

Dundee City Council has received a request from DC Thomson to allocate the name Bash Street to the street adjacent to 142/144 West Marketgait which currently has no name.    This is to tie-in with the proposed new build and to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of The Beano in 2013 in the comic’s hometown. 

The location of this street is shown on the attached plan.   See below:
I should therefore be obliged if you could consider this proposal and return any comments you may have on this matter before Friday 16th November 2012.

If the proposal is to proceed, this new street name will be put to the next available Committee after the above date for approval."

I have responded saying I think this is a superb proposal.   Dundee having its very own Bash Street seems very appropriate and I'm very pleased that Bash Street will be in the West End Ward!