Monday, 19 November 2012

Parking proposals - exhibition at Blackness Library

I am on Radio Tay news and Wave 102 news this morning urging residents in the part of the West End that is currently subject to parking consultation to turn out today between 3pm and 7pm at Blackness Library to make their voices heard on the council’s proposals for residents’ parking.   You can hear the interview on Wave 102 by clicking "play" below:
Nearly 100 residents have already contacted me directly with their views already – an unprecedented number in such a short time since the proposals were released – and I have urged all of them to respond to the council’s consultation direct to or by returning the questionnaire they have been sent by the council.   It is vital that everyone expresses their views as any change in parking arrangements should take place only if it has residents’ support.

Without wishing to prejudge the final outcome of the consultation exercise I do have to say that its very clear speaking with the residents who have contacted me that people find it extraordinary that the council is suggesting an £80 charge for West End residents whilst retaining a charge of only £5 for another residents’ scheme in Dundee.    If the council is willing to subsidise a parking scheme in another part of Dundee, it should show equality and do the same across the board.

However, cost apart, residents have expressed concerns about other aspects of the council’s proposals.   The proposal of charging for visitors parking have attracted criticism – there are other ways of dealing with visitor parking that many residents feel would work better and we have to remember the need to ensure the ability of shoppers to be able to get parked close to local shops.

I cannot stress enough how important it is that residents express their views on this issue, no matter what their views are on the parking issue.    The council must be in listening mode and act on residents’ views and concerns.

A questionnaire and maps showing the boundaries of the proposed scheme are on the Dundee City Council website and responses to the consultation by post or email using the form at should be sent to the City Council by Friday 21st December.