Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Last couple of days ...

Over Monday and Tuesday, I have :
  • Attended a meeting of the Balgay Stakeholders' Group at the pavilion in Lochee Park.   This is a very useful quarterly meeting at which City Council Environment Department Officers, representatives from the Friends of Balgay and local councillors discuss issues affecting Balgay Park.  There was a productive discussion on a number of issues including a new bench for the Poor Ground in Balgay Cemetery, new planting at the Rose Window and flower displays.
  • Had a useful meeting with Housing Department officers about the railings in the Logie estate.
  • Held two ward surgeries - at Harris Academy and the Mitchell Street Centre.
  • Attended the City Council's Waste to Energy Working Group.
  • Taken part in a site visit I had arranged with council City Development engineers and representatives from West End Community Council at the Sinderins junction (pictured right) regarding road safety at the junction.  We had a very useful discussion which resulted in positive outcomes - realignment of traffic lights, slight changes to  road markings and action to ensure drivers see the correct signal.
I also attended last night's City Council at which I :
  • Argued at the City Council meeting that new Education Committee members, representing parents and pupils should have voting rights to give them equality with other committee members.   Labour councillors and the independent councillor also supported this approach, but it was outvoted by the SNP and Conservative councillors.
  • Asked questions at Housing Committee about progress towards the Scottish Housing Quality Standard and particularly on the provision of controlled entry systems in council flats.
  • At City Development Committee, I questioned what has actually been done to improve road safety at the Blackness Road/Blackness Avenue/Balgay Road junction and was given a commitment of a site visit to look at the situation there.  I also welcomed proposals to improve safety at the Hawkhill/Brown Street junction, but was less than satisfied with responses about implementation of 20 mph safety zones in Dundee.   This is an issue Dundee City Council has not progressed despite clear evidence from - for example - the British Medical Journal and Transport for London that there are real safety benefits for communities.   As the request of West End residents, it is an issue I will pursue in the months ahead.
  • At Policy and Resources Committee, I expressed concern at a very significant drop in community-based adult learning opportunities across the city.   I have been in correspondence with City Council officers about increasing such opportunities at the Mitchell Street Centre in the West End Ward.